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Clinical Trial Materials

Clinical Trial Materials

PDP Couriers have two decades of experience in handling clinical trial shipments. We ensure that your investigational products and biological research materials are supplied to target sites and depots within defined temperature ranges and within designated timelines.

As a specialist clinical trials courier, we understand that effective management of the distribution phase of the clinical trial supply chain can be challenging, and we help by using our expertise at handling deliveries to difficult geographic areas where cold chain management and prior custom clearance is needed.

We ship investigational products and clinical trial supplies to the world’s clinical trials hotspots and our global specialist courier team can smooth the shipment process at the start of each protocol. Our knowledge can help with faster study set up dates and can save considerable time and money in getting vaccines and clinical trial shipments and research materials delivered to their precise destination.

With a growing trend towards biological and bio-pharmacology research, PDP Couriers are recognised as one of the world leading clinical trial shippers due to our vast experience in clinical trial logistics, biologics and the shipment and delivery of clinical trial vaccines.

Our clinical trials shipping services include temperature stability throughout the distribution process and cold chain management. Constant temperature-controlled data logging is available to your quality control teams.

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