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PDP Couriers is a truly global specialist Clinical Trial and Healthcare courier. It is fast becoming the number one choice for Clinical Trial Project managers and Logistics professionals... more

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Public Health Service Logistics Support

Public Health Service Logistics Support

Our specialist courier service ensures that urgently required research materials are collected and delivered to public health services and health protection agencies around the world.  We support the critical work of public health services  by making sure that medical research materials, dangerous goods and medical supplies, vaccines, pandemic research samples and pharmaceuticals are delivered safely, on time, in peak condition and according to all local and international shipping regulations.

PDP Couriers are recognised experts in the handling and transport of cell lines and cultures, infectious or hazardous materials and biological samples. We also give the best advice on regulatory requirements regarding IATA packaging and dangerous goods shipping, temperature-controlled transport, Customs clearance and delivery to investigational sites.

PDP has been actively involved for over ten years in the logistics of distribution, shipping and secure delivery of commercial products to and from public health services and agencies that require the very best specialist courier services to deliver sensitive and infectious materials. We have a renowned track record in dealing with SARS and bird flu pandemics and many other highly infectious materials.

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